Real Results From Real Lifestyle Changes

“I’m a professional working actor, and image means everything in my line of work. I went to TJ because I desperately needed help with my body for my role on 50 Cent’s new series POWER on Starz. TJ not only got me to lose the excessive pounds of body fat, but taught me proper posturing and weight training techniques.”


Vinicius Machado

“TJ knows the biomechanics of movement. TJ knows diet. TJ knows how to motivate. I challenge TJ every week to challenge me. He always surprises me and never lets me down.”

Mark Burk

“Being trained by GUNGF was an incredibly transformative experience! I have never been stronger than this. I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in and committed to taking their health to the next level!”

Angel Acosta

“Within the 3 months that I worked with GUNGF, I saw not only results physically, but mentally I became more disciplined and had learned so much about the human body and how to eat right.”

Jessica M

“[Thomas’] enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and exercises that quickly show results. He tailors his time and exercises according to body-type, goals and consistency. I would highly recommend Thomas as a personal trainer, as well as, nutritionist.”

Clara Collazo

“There was a point in my life when I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror and finally reached a point where I had to make a change. My change was working with GUNGF about four days a week. That was the best change in my entire life.  Because of Thomas, and everything he taught me, I finally feel good about who I am on the inside and the out.”

Joanna G

“The constant motivation and dedication of helping me succeed was always of top concern.  Through providing a healthy selection of exercises combined with an extreme sense of motivation I would highly recommend his knowledge and skill-set in helping attain your goals!”

Jason Martuscello

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