To label yourself is to limit yourself

September 4, 2018




What you can achieve is what you set your mind to. It is the result of what you tell yourself, and what you store in your head.

This holds true in all aspects of life, including and perhaps most importantly, in your health and fitness.

To label yourself is to limit yourself. It holds you back! 

If you say "I'm too (bad, fat, skinny, big, small) for that", then where you are is where you’ll stay.

If you say "I'm too (weak, old, young, busy...) for that", think of all of the potential and growth you just gave up on.

If you say "oh, well, I've had this (pain, problem) forever and it's just going to stay that way", think of all the benefits you just forfeited by choosing to stop working towards improvement and a solution.

If you put yourself in a box, you've shut yourself off from a whole world of progress that is just waiting for you to act on.

If you let a condition, a diagnosis, an injury define you, you've prevented yourself from growing beyond it.

If you say you’ll never get there, well, then you’ll never get there. All of the positive changes that would result from you chasing and achieving that goal are lost before the process even begins. 

What you’ve had before is not what you’re stuck with. 
What you have now does not define who you are.

Where you’ve been does not impact where you can go. 
Where you are is not where you have to stay.

If you label yourself as less then you’re settling for less. 
By labeling yourself, you limit yourself.

You limit your potential to progress and and become greater than what you currently are. 

Be mindful of the words you use to limit and label yourself. Those words have more influence on your success than worldly obstacles can throw at you.


Labels are what limit you, and limits are fake. Always remember this!



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