What's the real difference between Exercise and Play?

August 22, 2018



Imagine being able to work on your health and Fitness and still having fun at the same time. Is this really possible? Well you actually can, it’s call playing. As adults we sometimes forget how important it is to go outside and play because when we think about improving our health and Fitness we tend to associate it with “work” and not play, this is why some people get turned off when the word exercise or workout is mentioned.              


 So if you don’t like to “workout” than go outside and “play”. It’s interesting  how a change of wording can make a difference to a person’s mindset, even though the nature of the words are both similar in regards to the body’s response to them: increase blood circulation, increase oxygen intake, increase endorphins, stimulation of muscle fibers plus more.  If you don't like working out than go play!


At the end of the day you're still moving your body and that's what really matters. 

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