Why Workout?

May 16, 2018


 Why Workout?

                                                                                   By: Coach Caleb Christian


Amidst the grunting, the expressions of exhaust, the baby gap t-shirts, the love making in the mirror, the look at my ass tights and the obsessive banter over getting ready for vacations, weddings, summer, reunions, there’s an overwhelming consensus that everyone there wants to, not just be healthy and strong, but look better naked. Too skinny, too fat, clothes fit too snug, flat chest, flabby arms, and for those who hate their genes and believe that there isn’t any hope, I’m here to profess, there’s hope for you yet, because you’re in the gym, and that’s the place to make a change.


In life there’s a lot that we can’t control, but working out isn’t one of them. That fact alone is reason enough to do it; to finally be in control of something. Isn’t it empowering to know that your transformation lies at your feet?  All it takes is a willingness to commit, a willingness to get up and go, and a willingness to get up and get fit, to say screw everything else, because for once in your charitable life, you are finally doing something for you.


Uncomfortable and awkward for first timers, working out can be Hell. The numbness, the tingling, the disrupting of daily functions like sitting, eating, laughing, working out rudely infringes upon it all. But yet, we still do it. Why? Because no pain no ass. No pain no chest. No pain no six pack. And like the old adage says, no pain no gain. There’s a reason why losing weight is always number one amongst google searches. It’s not just prevalent, it is extremely hard to do, especially when you’ve been living a certain way for so long. But the same dedication and commitment it took to gain weight, will require even more to lose it. So don’t fret if results aren’t coming fast enough. Stay with it, it’ll happen if you want it bad enough; and if you’re reading this I believe that you do.


Another reason to workout is that it makes the difficulties we may encounter in life more bearable, putting things in perspective. No money, bad breakup, got fired or even family disavowal are legitimate reasons to sulk and be down on yourself. They suck! They blow! Its depressing. Trust me, I know. But you can use it. Use it to be a better you. If I’m suffering from financial woes, or if a girl has done me wrong, I might as well have a washboard stomach, trunks for legs, smith and Wesson's for arms, boobs for a chest (watch out ladies) and a Gorilla clinging to my back, while I brood about it. Those energies, albeit negative, is very real and has a purpose. Don’t let it go idle, use it. Working out is the couch in a shrink’s office. It listens. It comforts. And it does what some of us want from a person we vent to, it doesn’t offer advice.


For months you’ve been committed to this new way of living, thinking, breathing, three to four times a week, now you start to seriously consider a career change. Maybe a passion has evaded you for awhile, and you want to pick it back up. Cooking could be your heart, but you crunch numbers. The canvas could be your kingdom, but you fetch coffee. Personal Training could be fomenting inside you, but your stuck behind a desk. You want to be a writer, but have no time. Discipline, determination in one aspect of life could trickle over into other areas. Working out is that gateway drug to tap into all of it. Once you get hooked, your itching to try other stuff, expanding your horizons and optimizing your life. So Why workout? To be complete. To be centered. To be free. To be empowered. To connect to a higher source greater than yourself. And lastly, workout because you are alive.  


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