GetUpNGetFit 6-Step Lifestyle Transformation Technique

October 25, 2017


6-Step Lifestyle Transformation Technique. I’ve honed this technique from my work with all types of bodies and from all walks of life. These steps are tried and true. You can’t cheat it. These steps are going to lead you in the right direction towards accomplishing your goals.


1. Reason:  Ask yourself why you want to work towards that health and fitness goal and write down your answers. Post your answers in noticeable places to serve as a constant reminder.


2. Recognition: Evaluate your current habits and patterns that are preventing you from reaching your goal.


3. Be Realistic: Implement a realistic plan that you would be able to follow. For example, if you are not a morning person, then don’t schedule your workout for 5am—that’s not going to happen.


4. Take Action: Get off your butt and put the right plan into action. If you do not feel comfortable with your plan you can ask a professional for help or hire one.


5. Commitment & Consistency: Being committed and consistent is key to achieving your goals. Schedule and treat your workouts like business appointments. Stick to that time and be consistent with your routine.


6. Reflection: Sometimes we forget the main reason(s) for why we got started in the first place. It’s good to reflect on these reasons so we are motivated to continue our progression.


This 6-Step approach is healthy, sustainable and PROVEN to work. I never said that making these changes would be easy. And I don’t expect you do this all alone. We all need help to make changes and to achieve sustained success. The key is creating and executing a personalized plan based on your body and your lifestyle.

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