FAQ For Free Vacation

FAQ For The Free Vacation Promo: 
How do I ENTER to win a FREE vacation to Mexico?
    How do I WIN a FREE vacation to Mexico?
    • You or the qualified prospect you refer must book a session with GetUpNGetFit Concierge
    Can I still win a FREE vacation to Mexico if i’m not a qualified prospect for GetUpNGetFit?
    • Yes, if the person you referred is qualified and books a session, you both will get an opportunity to win 2 separate trips to Mexico. 
    How do I book a session with GetUpNGetFit Concierge?
    • Once you have filled out the Pre-Evaluation Assessment and you’ve been qualified, you will receive a calendar invite to book a complimentary 15 min. Discovery call.
    • After the Discovery call your session will be booked. 
    Where will I be going in Mexico after my GetUpNGetFit session?
    • You will have the option to go to one of the following places: Cancun, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta
    How long is the vacation?
    • 6 Day & 5 Nights
    Do I have the option to choose my vacation stay?
    • You will be given the ability to choose the lodging options that are provided to you. 
    Is my hotel fully covered?
    • Your hotel is paid for but you’ll have to take care of the hotel taxes.
    If I win will my flight be included?
    • No, flight is not included just your hotel stay. 
    What is GetUpNGetFit?
    • GetUpNGetFit is the wellness concierge support team that busy executives, entrepreneurs & celebs rely on to keep them healthy and fit despite their hectic schedules. At GetUpNGetFit we focus on correcting the root cause of our clients wellness problems through a lifestyle approach, which is more sustainable. We travel or work remotely for your convenience.
    Who does GetUpNGetFit work with?
    • Executives looking to improve their health and fitness
    • Corporations looking to improve their employee engagement and wellness
    • Celebrities & Entrepreneurs looking to find balance and improve their wellness
    How many people can I refer to enter this assessment?
    • You can refer as many people as you want but only the qualified candidate and you will be placed into the poll to win the free vacation.