GetUpNGetFit Custom Remote Coaching 

  • Your very own tailored Coaching Plan

  • 45 Min. Video Assessment w/ Fitness Coach & Health Coach *after initial assessment form has been filled

  • Weekly 10 min Check in w/ Fitness Coach (via video messaging or Phone

  • Bi-weekly review session w/ Health Coach

  • Daily Accountability w/ Fitness Coach via App

  • Access to Coach                          (phone, e-mail and Zoom at a                  designated time)

  • Nutrition Dense Week long Detox (Monitored by Health Coach)

  • Introduction to new foods after evaluation and deconstruction of cravings

  • Create an “eating schedule”

  • Discuss Meal plan and prepping

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  • Free GetUpNGetFit Lifestyle E-book

  • Monthly Challenges w/ Prize offer *When active

  • Access to Accountability forums

  • Access to blog content

  • Access to pre-made plans 


10% of Your Online Coaching Proceeds   are donated towards building a Trade School in Liberia