GetUpNGetFit LLC is an

in-home Fitness and Wellness Coaching company based in NYC  but operates remotely. We help our clients who are Busy Business Professionals, Celebrities and Corporations learn and implement healthy and safe lifestyle habits, through our services, that will allow them to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, despite their hectic schedule. 

We are easily Accessible, will travel to you or work with you remotely, will keep you Accountable and save you Time.




Why should I work with a GetUpNGetFit Coach?

GetUpNGetFit Coaches are highly skilled and educated in their field. We care about your well-being and goals and understand that it takes team work to achieve progress. We will keep you on track while you are learning new positive habits and working towards your fitness and wellness goals: focusing on stress management tactics, fitness, nutrition, posture, sleep improvement and work life balance tactics.

As a busy professional we understand that your time is valuable, so we travel to you (home, office, private plane, yacht, etc) or work with you remotely which saves you time!

1st Step- E-mail or text (347)292-9158 to request a consultation

2nd Step- You’ll receive a link to fill-out Assessment Forms

3rd Step- Assessment Review & Meeting/ via Webcam

4th Step- Pair up with a Coach and/or Coaching Team (GUNGF Fitness Coach, Massage Therapist & Celebrity Chef)

You will get the opportunity to work with GetUpNGetFit Coaches 1-4 days a week, depending on your goals and availability.


Your Coach will keep you ACCOUNTABLE by checking up on you periodically via text, phone, or e-mail to make sure you are pursuing the GetUpNGetFit Lifestyle.

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