Body Sculpt BootCamp Info.

Promo: Bring 2 or more NEW friends and "YOUR" session for that day is 1/2 off

Days & Time: Sat  @ 12 noon -1pm
Location: Pearl Studios 500 8th Ave New York, NY 10018  Fl. 12 Pent house #2
Rates: $25 per session & $225 for 10 sessions
*Bring a yoga mat
RSVP: 24hrs in advance
Contact: (347)292-9158 or
*We're also on Groupon*

Thomas Johnson Personal Trainer

Providing a support system to optimize your health and get you in shape.

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Personal Training

I'll work with you in the gym, office, house, outdoor or whatever setting suites you in order to develop and help push you with coaching, counseling and motivation. Optimize your health by getting in tone with your mind, body and soul. We all have the capabilities of living a healthy and fulfilling life; we just need a little help sometimes.

Postural Analysis and Correction

I will assess your posture and implement a program using NPI (National Posture Institute) methods that will strengthen, lengthen and put your body in it's correct postural alignment. When you are in good postural alignment your body is able to function better. You'll be able to handle daily tasks that were once difficult.

Food Log Analysis

Keep track of the foods and beverages that you consume. A healthy body starts with healthy eating habits. I can help you work to eliminate your bad/junk food habits and suggest healthier alternatives to your meal choices.

Nutrition Consultation

Help you understand the benefits of eating healthy and provide methods that you can implement in your daily lifestyle.

G.U.N.G.F. Corporate Workshop & Group Training

A special workshop that will teach and encourage your employees about the many benefits of taking care of their bodies by keeping active, eating healthy, having proper postural alignment when working and outside of the work environment and also reduce their stress levels. These employees will also be trained in a group setting which will allow them to build a relationship and encourage each other to continue training and maintaining healthy behaviors. All in which will help increase your employees productivity and decrease sick days.

Personalized Fitness Plan

A special training regiment personalized for your fitness goals.

Group Training Session

These sessions are high energy but form focused, tailored for a small group of individuals, lasting 45minutes - 1hour depending on the class. Each participant is given special attention in regards to their training technique. Unlike other group classes these classes have 2 instructors. While one is instructing the other is making necessary adjustments to the participants form and technique while motivating them as they perform the exercises.


Virtual Training

In the coming days I plan on rolling out my virtual training system. Bringing the work out to you; so if you're traveling, or can't make it to the gym, you can still GetUpNGetFit.


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